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Green Park Dental is one of the largest dental centre in South Delhi with over 12 operatories. The centre has been offering quality dental services since 1977. With an in-house team of dentists from different specialities, we ensure that you enjoy quality dental care from a specialist everytime. Housed with some of the latest equipment in the field of dentistry, you can avail modern dental procedures with unmatched quality.

Our services

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If tooth decay is not taken good care of, the bacteria may reach the nerve and cause infection. This infection is painful and can damage the whole set of teeth. Root Canal Treatment is essential to save the natural tooth which otherwise will have to be removed.

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Dental Implants have evolved over the years as one of the most successful choices for replacing missing teeth. Whether it is a single tooth that you lost during an accident or a set of teeth that needed to be removed,

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Modern day orthodontic solutions are not as bad as they were in the 70s and 80s. The technology has improved and there are many better options to choose from. Depending on the degree of misalignment, age of the patient and future development of the tooth, our dentist would recommend the most suitable braces treatment in Delhi.

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Crowns and Bridges are one of the most common dental treatments to restore a healthy smile. Once the dentist has undertaken your teeth impression, we use advanced 3D technology and CAD/CAM to develop crowns that perfectly fit your smile.

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Kids Dentistry

Early Childhood is a period when your child’s body develops at a much rapid way. It is amazing to see the transformation in the first few years. You must get your child’s oral hygiene and development of permanent teeth checked by the dentist at regular intervals.

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There is only one shade of white that looks great on the smile. Due to various conditions, the colour of the teeth may change over time and the stains can become visible and embarrassing. Teeth Whitening helps to reverse the discolouration of the teeth, caused due to both extrinsic or intrinsic factors.

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Cosmetic Dentistry is one of the most sought after treatment. Be it a would be bride or someone who does not smile enough, a cosmetic dental treatment like other aesthetic procedures can create a lot of difference in anyone’s life.

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Achieving unparalleled precision with modern imaging solutions Over the years, dental imaging solutions have seen a revolution. Modern technology allows the dentist to have a more precise view of the teeth and bones enabling better diagnosis and products for the treatment.

The unsung heroes

Technology and Skilled Lab Professionals are just as heroes behind your smile. Our state of the art in-house dental laboratory and team ensure consistent quality dental products and services to our patients. Their meticulous attention to detail and continuous effort to ensure patient satisfaction plays an important role in the story behind your beautiful smile.

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